Meet the Board: Doriette

Doriette L. Jordan is a proud native of Omaha and is no stranger to the stage. Her work in the community includes: Acting Mentor at The Union for Contemporary Art and Assistant Teacher for the Youth Ensemble. She has been behind the scenes as Assistant Director for Tell Martha Not to Moan. As stage manager, she’s worked on Divine Order of Becoming by Carla Stillwell and The Story Aaron Douglas written by Peggy Jones. Her production assistant credits include: More Than Neighbors by Denise Chapman, Kumbaya a Juneteenth Story by Rose McGhee. She has been onstage in roles like: Deliah in Spunk by Zora Thurston, the Reverend in Lawd the CVS is on Fire by Carla Stillwell at the Union, Chelle in Detroit 67 at the Shelterbelt Theatre, and Abuse is Not Love in Withlove, Felicia Productions. She has been a reader in the Great Plains Theatre Conference for Standers by Kim Louis, Even Flowers Bloom in Hell by Franky Gonzalez and Cave Canem by A. Emmanuel Leadon. Her passion for people and theatre is what led her to Anastasis Theatre Co. She is a firm believer in meeting people where they are and aiding them into the Art of self-expression through theatre. She is excited to be a part of the work Anastasis is doing and is looking forward to connecting with her community.  

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