Meet the Board: Olivia Johnson

Olivia is not only a board member, but she also lends her acting talents to our theatre company. She was part of Justice of Eating , our collaboration with the Stephen Center and the Benson Theatre B Side to bring attention to hunger in Omaha. She will also be in Stories: on the Brink this Spring as part of Great Plains Theatre Conference (now moved to Spring 2021).

Olivia Johnson is a 4-time OEAA Performance Poet nominee whose work work closely reflects the changing views of black women in Omaha. Her work is not limited to poetry; a filmmaker, novelist and playwright, Olivia experiments with the societal boundaries placed on black women, and brings a healing aspect to the inflictions caused by that type of limitation.
Olivia enjoys working with her community and is currently the lead Administrative Assistant in the Housing and Support Services program with Heartland Family Service. 
This past winter she was nominated to the Anastasis Theatre Company, and looks forward to working with fellow artists to bring stories of humanity to life and light. 

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