Updates for 2020 Season

First, a huge thanks to those of you who follow and support us as a new theatre company. We really cannot do this work without all the people who are part of this Anastasis family, which includes community members, professional theater-makers, financial supporters, collaborators and all the individuals that contribute in any way.

Our way of making theater is a wonderful, life-affirming process, but it also requires people to be in shared spaces, and as we know, that is not safe or best practice right now. We, along with Great Plains Theater Conference, have had to cancel all rehearsals and productions for the rest of 2020, but we will be present on social media in the mean time, so please follow us for updates and more. Stay safe, take care of yourselves, and we look forward to all the amazing collaboration we will be able to do on the other side of all this. Thank you again.

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