The Mission of the Anastasis Theatre Co. is to lift unheard voices in our community. Our plays bring together diverse groups to highlight the beauty of our differences and reveal the common thread of our humanity.

About Anastasis Theatre Co.

Anastasis Theatre Co. was founder by Colleen O’Doherty and Haley Haas in 2018. They connected at the Great Plains Theatre Conference and realized they shared a passion for bringing theatre to communities most impacted by our justice, social and economic systems. They started working together on theatre projects to serve people affected by housing insecurity and people impacted by incarceration. After their first night working together at the Open Door Mission Haley suggested they start a theatre company to lift unheard voices and Anastasis Theatre Co. was born. They chose the name Anastasis inspired by the Greek word anastasis which means to rise up. This name captured their vision to give new voices the platform to rise up and be heard. Anastasis partners with communities in our region that have historically had less access to the arts and provide them with the opportunity to create plays based on their own lived experiences, involving the community in every aspect of the process from story gathering to play creation to performance. This allows each community to experience the transformative power of theatre. We believe our community is stronger when everyone’s story has a place to be heard.

Two women stand together in front of the exterior of a prison wall with barbed wire.
Haley and Colleen working at Nebraska State Penitentiary.

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